FolkArt Glitterific ICONS 4 pack 7504

Just in and brand new from FolkArt this 4 pack of 2oz bottles contains the beautiful ICONS Glitterific set.

Use the FolkArt Glitterific set to enhance your pieces with show-stopping shine.

This four-piece set features four different glitter icons: Flowers & Butterflies, Lavender Hearts, Stars & Moons, and Blue Stars. Each glitter filled bottle contains shaped glitter particles suspended in a crystal clear base.

This set is perfect for wood, metal, glass, canvas, paper, plastic and so much more. Apply a thin layer for a more sheer finish or apply a thick coat for a rich, concentrated glitter appearance. You’ll get excellent coverage, durability, shine each time you paint with FolkArt Glitterific set.

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