Terra Cotta

Create beautiful textured pieces of art with FolkArt Terra Cotta Acrylic Paint. This specially formulated premium-quality acrylic paint is lightly textured and will add a subtle, raw terra cotta texture to your arts and crafts projects. Ideal for use on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces, FolkArt Terra Cotta has a durable, multi-surface formula. Use these unique weather-resistant colors on all your indoor or outdoor projects. Featuring a wide range of muted and neutral tones, your DIY projects will look and feel like real terra cotta with these colors in your art supplies. From beautiful hand paintings to stylish stenciling and design techniques, FolkArt delivers outstanding results with every brushstroke. Turn your thrift store finds from trash to treasure with FolkArt Terra Cotta Acrylic Paint.

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