4 Tiered Birch Plywood Wooden Coasters Craft FAIR Point of sale Full View 10cm Risers 10cm Deep Shelves 40cm Length

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Build it yourself display stand

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Featuring a 12% Lean Back on the Risers, your coasters will be sat back at an angle perfect for the customer to see without them falling forward.

4 Tiered Full View 10cm Risers display stand, plus many other uses can be assembled and disassembled for storage (Gluing Not Required)

Made from Birch Plywood each stand is unique with its natural birch wood veneer.

Light easy to carry, with great strength when built.

Supplied flat packed with instructions


Shelves are 10cm deep and 40cm in width actual available space between the sides panels from
The height between shelves is 100mm
Dimensions when assembled –
Width Overall

Made from 3.6mm Birch Plywood, precision cut with CNC, Hand Finished

No burn marks, no burnt smell.

Self Assembly – Glue is not necessary.

Designed and made by decoblanks (C) in England

Additional information

Weight 2100 g
Dimensions 40 × 7 × 10 cm