Key Ring Keychain Jewellery, Bracelet Wooden Craft Fair DISPLAY STAND Retail CNC Cut 4mm Mdf W=30cm H=40cm *Paige

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Build it yourself display stand


Need to display small jewellery, wrist bracelets, key rings, key chains, decoblanks “PAIGE” with 11 hooks on the front is a great and easy way to display your products.

Made from 4mm premium MDF which can be painted, or sealed. The stand measures 30cm across length, with a height of 40cm and depth for the stand supports of 21cm.

Each stand is supplied with 4 both side hooks, and 10 front side hooks. These simply push thru from the reverse side and slide down into place.

Additional hooks or a full set of dua sided hooks can also be purchased. The dual side hooks lets you display product on both sides, or have extra stock behind the stand.

Supplied flat packed with instructions, can be assembled quickly and disassembled when needed.

Made from 4mm premium MDF, precision cut with CNC

No burn marks, no burnt smell.

Self Assembly – Glue is not necessary.

Designed copyrighted and made by decoblanks (C) in England

Additional information

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 30 × 21 × 40 cm

1 x Display, 2 x Displays, 3 x Displays, Front Hook Kit, Both sides Hook Kit